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Instagram Design Trends 2023

Let's take a look at the design styles that are trending on Instagram in 2023.

Abstract 3D

This trend focuses on abstract, experimental, three-dimensional design. Many content creators on Instagram are bringing sculptures, objects, and art installations to life using digital animations, virtual reality, and 3D tools.

Modern Nostalgia

Recently the Y2K and 70s era have been trending in both fashion and design. Modern nostalgia combines retro typography, patterns, and images with modern aesthetics. The result of this combination is a familiar, nostalgic design that feels fresh and new rather than cliché.

Brutal Grunge

The brutal grunge trend corresponds with the increasing popularity of brutalist design. This style embraces imperfections and fuses elements of punk/underground sub-culture with modern aesthetics. Think hand-drawn images, distressed textures, and raw handwritten fonts.

Holographic Surrealism

This design trend focuses on a futuristic and surreal aspect of design, in order to create an other-worldly feel. Designers are using bright iridescent colours, holographic patterns, neon lights, and animation loops to capture user’s attention and leave them mesmerised.

Candy Coloured Palettes

Recently many designers have been experimenting with playful colour palettes, rather than the minimalist aesthetic of previous years. This style is characterised by pastel colours, neon hues, and bold and bright shades, giving the feel of a candy store. This style is particularly popular in packaging and branding design.

AI Design

Many designers are using generative and algorithmic technologies to produce designs that would normally be impossible to create with traditional design tools. Many designers are exploring trippy, psychedelic visuals that are even beyond the scope of human comprehension.

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