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Juan Arbelaez discusses his top Five trends for Animation which he expects to see in 2022.

As we fast approach the end of 2021, I wanted to share some of my top trends for 2022 when it comes to delivering 2D and 3D motion design. Below are my top five trends for 2022, and I believe that at Cureative we will be implementing all of these in our work for our clients, partners, and community.

2D isometric motion graphics

Isometric shapes were originally used in technical drawing, but the approach is now being explored by motion designers all over the globe. The existential approach allows motion designers to enhance their animations to give them a unique perspective to their 3D renders. Isometric shapes can be injected with playfulness and personality with light and shade adding extra depth and perspective. ‘The term ‘isometric’ is derived from the Greek word for ‘equal measure’, and traditional isometric objects are mathematically accurate renderings of objects on an isometric grid.

Kinetic Typography

Typography plays a huge role within communication, from print magazines to out of home advertisements we use typography to tell our story. The evolution of typography within the 2D and 3D space has allowed for motion designers to be explorative with their approach to type, in particular kinetic typography. While some animations can emphasise individual letters, others make the whole word or sentence pop, twist or dance whilst filling the screen. This trend is all about adding a whirling, wavy element to words that excites and engages the audience.

Mixed Media

Footage, photography, type, and film are combined to tell a dynamic story or share a message which is constantly on the move. The effect can be described as energetic, chaotic, and constantly shifting while keeping the audience engaged. This type of effect is stereotypically used within title sequences at the start and end of movies to generate interest and encapsulate the audience whilst setting the tone for the movie.

Liquid Typography

Liquid Motion

Water like quality and consistency that animate constantly, with ripples, waves, ebbs, and flows. These animations resemble psychedelic art with a modern twist. This trend aims to convince viewers that what they are viewing is moving liquid. This animation style is used to morph from static or moving image whilst transitioning through various scenes all within seconds of each other. Generally, this trend is used along with engaging typography to provide a blended mix of animation styles that complement one another.

Artificial Intelligence

This trend is by far the most exciting and offers the most opportunity as there is so much growth potential in this space. Adobe Max recently announced some exciting features born out of the influence of AI. The power of AI will allow us to be more dynamic, and speedy to market as machine and humans create a blended synergy of creativity. One example announce by Adobe was voice recognition within Premier Pro, giving us the ability to transcribe videos with 99% accuracy, driving efficiencies and reducing the amount of time to market. We can now build, design, and create product environments within Dimension which enables us to take realistic photos of products that can then be edited within photoshop, removing setup time and manpower when it comes to simple product executions.

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